Strawberry & Lime 10ml Salts – £ Saver Special


Strawberry & Lime Cider Salt by The Old Barrels. A tasty combination of strawberry and also lime, crafted in an oak barrel. Creating a delicious cider based E-liquid perfect for the Salt lover.

Strawberry and Lime Cider Salt e-liquid is a delicious blend of sweet and juicy strawberries with a zesty lime finish, with a subtle hint of apple cider. The 5mg and 10mg options provide a satisfying nicotine hit without overwhelming the taste buds. The combination of ripe strawberry and tart lime with a touch of apple cider creates a well-balanced and satisfying flavor. The salt-based nicotine provides a smooth throat hit and a quicker nicotine absorption, making it perfect for those looking for a more intense nicotine experience. This e-liquid is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fruity, zesty and refreshing vape


The Old Barrels

Traditional Hereford Cider Eliquid


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