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Grape Hard Candy Lemonade.

Purp E-liquids are a sticky sweet hard candy syrup flavour stirred into a tangy and vibrant lemonade. OG Purp is a gorgeous dark purple American grape flavour with a fizzy lemonade twist and finished off with a slight ice cube cooling effect.


Prohibition Vapes

Prohibition Vapes is an E-liquid manufacturer. Established in 2012 the company diversified from online vape sales to shops. Then in 2017 became an e-liquid manufacturer. One of the ranges the Prohibition Vapes have created is the Purp range. Based on hard candy Lemonade flavors. Below is a list and also a short description of the products. OG Purp - Grape hard candy also with a lemonade chill. Orange Purp -Orange with lemonade and also hard candy. Tropical Purp - Tropical fruits with a hard candy tang also with lemonade. Red Purp - Strawberry hard candy also with added lemonade. Green Purp - watermelon hard candy also with lemonade. Blue Purp - Blue raspberry hard candy with lemonade.
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