Marshmallow Man 3 10ml – by Pod Salt


Marshmallow Man III, a smooth and creamy blend of fluffy marshmallows and strawberries for an indulgent and fruity vape. Finished with a touch of sweet vanilla. If you like your dessert vapes, you’re going to love Marshmallow Man III.
Marshmallow Man 3 Nicotine Salt e-liquid is a Fusion collaboration by Pod Salt and Marina. An original and exclusive flavour for an all-day vaping experience. In the third instalment of Marina’s Marshmallow Man trilogy, Marshmallow Man 3 lives up to its name. Adding a fruity twist to the formula for something completely unique and now available in Pod Salt’s Nicotine Salt format. Pod Salt replicates the nicotine salts found naturally in tobacco to produce a perfectly smooth experience with minimal throat irritation. Nicotine salts achieve faster absorption and also stay for longer to provide a more intense level of satisfaction than traditional nicotine e-liquids.


Pod Salt

Pod Salt is a nicotine salt e-liquid manufacturer, available in 10mg, 20mg, and also 11mg strength. Pod Salt has collaborated with a lot of other vape liquids companies also. Bringing you a wide variety of flavor profiles. Below are a list and short description of the products available in the range. Blueberry Pomegranate - Rich blueberries also with juicy pomegranate. Virginia - The finest blend of Virginia tobacco. Watermelon Breeze - Fresh and juicy watermelon also with ice. Vanilla - Creamy also with vanilla bean. Blue Ice - Blueberries also with ice. Cigarette - Plain and simple. Blackcurrant - Juicy and sweet blackcurrants. Havana Gold - Rich tobacco flavor. Strawberry - Sweet and succulent strawberries. Mixed berries - a mixture of berries. Mango Ice - sweet juicy mangoes also with an ice-cold hit.
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