Lemon Dead Shortfill – by Bad Drip

A mix of well and truly dead Lemons, mixed with a sugary sweet and sour dusting.

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A mix of well and truly dead Lemons, mixed with a sugary sweet and sour dusting.


Bad Drip

Bad Drip Labs is an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in New York. Bad Drip Labs bring the flavors to the customer that really enlighten the tastebuds. All products are uniquely crafted and also thought through with the customer's taste experience in mind. The company has a very diverse product range, which is highly sought after by customers. The companies' main flavors are Don't Care Bear, Farelys Gnarley Sauce, and also Ugly butter. Well known for crafting delicious flavors, the company is also known to be one of the first companies to "ice" their range. Making the already delicious flavors that one step further in flavor and vape sensations.


Clown E-liquids. From Bad Drip Labs is the Clown E-liquid Range.  Likewise with the companies policy on creating unique and flavorsome E-liquids. Based in New York the company has set itself highly within the vaping industry. The most popular flavors in the range are Laffy, Drooly, and also Twisty. As-well as their original ranges they have also brought out their popular flavors in iced variations, again furthering the vaping sensations. The company has diversified its ranges, offering short-fills in 60ml to 120ml and also 10ml bottle size's. The Company also offers its products in Nic salt format and CBD to cater for all vaping requirements.
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