Chapple Shortfill by Major Flavor


Cherry Apple Sour Flavour from Major Flavor.

Cherry Apple Sour Flavour from Major Flavor.


Major Flavor

Major Flavor is an E-liquid range from the custard company. The range features mainly fruity flavors but also replicates sweet shop and ice flavors too. Known for its punchy flavors such as Chapple or Tropic Thunda both of which offer a sweet and tangy base.
Below is a list of products in the range and a short flavor description.

Beetle Juice – Nice and simple fruit salad sweets.
Jolly Apple – Sweet and sour apple hard candy.
Straw Nana – Blended strawberry and banana smoothie.
Blue Fusion – Sweet and sharp blue raspberry.
Tropic Thunda – Pineapple, strawberry, and smooth peaches.
Chapple – Sweet cherries and tart red apples.
Mangice – Fresh mangoes, blood orange, and a hint of ice.
Purple – Grapes, blackcurrant, and also passionfruit.
Lime Cola – Zesty lime with added cola tang.

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