Billet Box Mod – by Billet Box Vapor

Billet Box Edition 2020 by Billet Box Vapor:  Rev.4B dna60 big screen



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Billet Box is very famous in the vaping world. It’s a true “Unicorn” for a lot of users.Billet Box Vapor offers a prestige electronic box with an “all in one” system including a tank and a space for atomizers.

  1. Rev.4B  dna60 big screen
  2. Power: 1 – 60W
  3. Single 18650 battery


Billet Box Vapor

Billet Box Vapor has created one of the most sought after devices in today’s Vaping market. The Device fits perfectly in the hand, is lightweight, and also comes in an array of stunning colors. The material used for the Billet Box is of the highest quality, machined precisely to create the ultimate unicorn.

The company has been established since 2013. The first generation billet box used two 18350 batteries and a simple potentiometer to control the wattage. Now with the Rev4b, the company uses a single 18650 format with a fully integrated DNA 60w chip and also a clean O-LED screen.



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