Apple Lychee Shortfill – by Killa Frooty

Apple Lychee by Killa Frooty, sweet and refreshing.

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Apple Lychee by Killa Frooty, sweet and refreshing.


Killa Frooty

Killa Frooty is a UK based fruity e-liquid brand. Available in 160ml bottles with capacity for up to four nicotine shots. The E-liquids are available in the 70pg 30vg ratio. Below is a list of the products in the range. Apple Lychee - Sweet apples and refreshing lychee Blackcurrant Apple - Freshly crushed blackcurrant also with an apple fusion. Grapest - Honeydew Blackcurrant - Sweet and rich honeydew melon also with a blackcurrant tang. Manggo - The freshest juicy mango flavor Pink Guava - Citrusy and punchy pink grapefruit also with sweet guava. Strawberry Kiwi - Fresh and juicy strawberries also with a sharp kiwi taste. Pineapple Strawberry - Sharp and sweet pineapples also with sweet juicy strawberry taste. Watermelon Strawberry - The ripest juicy watermelon also with a sweet strawberry taste. Triple Berries - Juicy blueberries, fresh raspberry also with the tastiest blackcurrant flavor.
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